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Advantages of Coated Pistons:

bulletReduced sliding friction (10 - 20 %.) Increased Horsepower
bulletLower fuel consumption, estimated at 2%
bulletReduced Hydrocarbon Emissions
bulletEngine Noise
bulletIncreased scuffing durability


Coating Application Methods:

 1. Spraying

bulletUses conventional spray equipment
bulletUniform film thickness
bulletIncreased material usage (~20% higher than screen printing)
bulletRequires masking of the part
bulletHigh production volumes
bulletIncreased solvent usage and waste disposal due to thinning
bulletHas many concerns regarding Solvent misting

2. Pad Printing

bulletUniform film thickness
bulletReasonable positioning and image definition
bulletEliminates masking
bulletReduced material usage compared to spraying
bulletLower production volumes compared to spraying and comparable screen print equipment.
bulletIncreased solvent usage and waste disposal due to thinning

3. Screen Printing

bulletVery uniform film thickness
bulletPrecise positioning and image definition
bulletNo masking of ring grooves and pin bores
bulletReduced material usage
bulletHigh production volumes
bulletMinimal solvent usage as no thinning is required

The Sawyer and Smith advantage:

Sawyer and Smith personnel have been working with piston coating for many years. Experience with our customers has led us to develop our own systems for cleaning and curing. We now offer systems which are fully automated for high volume (up to 2000 parts per hour) controlled by one operator with a touch screen, or basketed systems for manual operation when a high mix of pistons are to be coated (~300 parts per hour).

Included in these systems are the water treatment systems and environmental controls. Those who have tried to assemble their own systems have found out through trial and error that these are important issues to the proper application of the coatings.

We have work to develop a long lasting application screen. Previously, the average screen life was between 3000 and 6000 parts per screen. Now our screens can exceed 20,000 parts per screen.

Working to remain a leader in piston coating, we are introducing more equipment, each with it's own advantage, for the application of the coatings. Ancillary equipment for the support of the process has been added to eliminate any of the worries of a new process. These new machines include washing systems for the pistons, tooling and screen washing machines, distillation and reclamation of the solvents, and curing systems. Each of these components can be used separately, or purchased as a complete factory installation. Where we have not been able to find the proper equipment we have manufactured it ourselves.

The biggest advantage is that you can have single source reliability for the process instead of finger pointing between various vendors. If someone doesn't know how to apply the coating, how will they know how clean or at what temperature the part should be?


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